Here we have this three track CD from this dark and depressive band coming directly from Sweden. Opening with keyboards in the beginning of "Scarspangled" the band soon turns into a more aggressive side with extreme black metal vocals that contrast with the slow melodies developed by the guitars. The rhythms turn faster and then death metal vocals enters to contrast heavily with the more climatic parts.

Raw guitar riffs are the essence here being really fast in the most brutal parts and turning into dark melodies when the band needs a more atmospheric approach. Electronic drums give a mechanical feeling here that adds even more originality to the music and gives sort of a cold feeling to the music. The vocals are really extreme here going from black screams to deathly growls within the same compositions.

But the essence here is the originality of the riffs that turn into unexpected parts such as the ones in 1:50 of "Son of Suns". The sound is raw and direct making you feel like in a live situation.

This three tracks left us wanting more from this  crushing band.

Label: Independent

Year: 2005

Country: Sweden

Line Up:

Andreas Helsing - vocals

Nicklas Hovberg - all instruments

Music by Nicklas Hovberg

Lyrics by Children of War


1- Scarspangled

2-Son of Suns

3-Would you be My bride

Cover Artwork by: Children of War

Recorded at BBY Studios

Produced by Children of War