suZanne leaves CoW
Suzanne has ‘retired to enjoy more time with her remaining limbs’.

She will not make any interviews.

Brand new page!

Ok, this page is actually totally re-built from scratch. Times caught up with us and it turned out our old one wasn’t alive and looked like shit since it was ‘bout 9 years old (or was it 10..?)

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Back to HQ

On september 7th Nicklas and Andreas met up amongst furniture, insulation, door frames and amplifiers to go over some long lost material (tracks that was recorded and nearly finished a year ago). We got quite the surprise when we discovered that we had managed to lay the foundation to three new tracks...

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MySpace, marriage and studio

Well, we're now also available on MySpace, is the path to our crib.

Also, suZanne and Nicklas got married on june 22nd! Go to the News section to see some pictures.

Studio Hog Farm, the HQ of CoW, is currently being rebuilt on a new address. This means that we'll soon be able to lock our selves in in that fortress and finally mix already begun projects and record some new hate.