In the fall of 2001 multiinstrumentalist Nicklas Hovberg and master growler Andreas Helsing met up in their hometown Västerås - Sweden.

From psychological illness they created Children of War.


When the sun peaked in July they turned inwards to record their first demo, Decades of Mourn. The reception was, to say the least, mixed. Some didn´t understand what to call the music and simply dismissed it as a confused metal attempt. Others did open their minds and allowed Nicklas, with his broad musical education, to mix death metal with heavy chord patterns inpired by fusion jazz and grab the beauty of the renaissance into apathetic pop harmonies.


Three difficult years later, Children of War hit the studio once again in a similar state of mind. Aggressions, depressions, pride and love all helped in the creation of the second demo, La Nigiro.


The winter ment work for the boys. The work resulted in Menace of the CoW, promo CD #3, wich featured some guest vocals by Allex from Vilefuck and also suZanne. This co-op worked out so well that suZanne later on got promoted to a permanent member of Children of War.


Suzanne has ‘retired to enjoy more time with her remaining limbs’.

Children of War is an ever changing saga, nothing is anything...

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