Suzanne has ‘retired to enjoy more time with her remaining limbs’.

She will not make any interviews.

Nicklas on the topic: ‘Well, her desicion is fully understandable and not surprising. My ex-wife and I have a sound friendship, our divorce and/or fighting behind the scenes is not the reason for her departing. CoW are grateful for the years she scared the living crap out of us and wish her all, ALL, the best.’

2012-02-24, Brand new page!

Ok, this page is actually totally re-built from scratch. Times caught up with us and it turned out our old one wasn’t alive and looked like shit since it was ‘bout 9 years old (or was it 10..?).

Anyhow, this is a first step in trying to update CoW. More WILL come step by step...


Ladies and gentlemen, friends and foes, strollers and morons: Mark September the 7th in thine calenders, hence this is the date Children of War entered the new Headquarters for the very first time in a serious way. HQ, Studio Hog Farm, is currently in boxes on a new location after being moved last new year's. As you might suspect, this has made CoW's work somewhat of a struggle all 2009.

Nicklas and Andreas met up yesterday among furniture, insulation, door frames and amplifiers to go over some long lost material (tracks that was recorded and nearly finished a year ago). The archeologically spiced listen through resulted in some really nice surprises, we had managed to lay the foundation to three new tracks, three tracks that made us time after another look at each other wondering "What the fuck was that?! This is crapgood!".

The only thing remaining on the songs is some completing vocals and mixing. Niiice!

'Til next time, mosh!
/Children of War


MySpace, marriage and studio

Long time, no see...

1 - Well, we're now also available on MySpace. After years of resisting, the demand just couldn't be put off any longer. myspace.com/childrenofwar is the path to our crib

2 - Also, suZanne and Nicklas got married on june 22nd after a ten year relationship! This was, of course, very nice.

3 - Children of War's home, Studio Hog Farm, is currently being rebuilt on a new address. The blueprints are almost done wich means that we'll soon be able to lock our selves in in that fortress and finally mix already begun projects (like My Poison of choice) and record some new hate (like for example Load Both Barrels).

...stay tuned...


Nicklas and suZanne went out on the Baltic Sea. On the boat, Birka Paradise, they hooked up with some fans for some fun. See the result in the drunk part of the gallery...


On november 10th, we killed two birds with one stone (or at least petted a couple of feathery friends a few times) and took quite a few new photos combined with a band conference, The November Neurosis 2007 Conference. The result is available for you guys partly in the Biography and partly in a couple of sections in the Gallery. If you want to take part of the protocol and read for yourself the topics discussed during the conference, drop us a mail and we'll see what we can do about your problem.

Musicwise things are taking form. We're hitting the studio again on december 6th...

...stay tuned...


People of Ireland, beware! 33% of Children of War (Nicklas) is travelling to Dublin - Ireland on october 15th. With him he'll bring a bunch of unique CD's especially manufactured and designed for the metal-heads of the land of the Clover free of charge. If you're in Dublin, be sure to visit the nearest record store to get your hands on a copy!


Past video flicks are now available through the Godzilla of the Web, YouTube. On each promo cd we've released we've also enclosed some behind the scenes footage. These exclusive documentaries are about 6-7 minutes long and has, so far, been for the eyes of the customers only, now they're up for grabs! However, note that the movies are from the previous releases, all new filmed material will be featured on the cd's themselves only...

Click here to check out our YouTube site.



In order to 1: Keep you guys updated on what the hell we're doing all day long and 2: Make us feel like the hell we're doing something a new song is now available for you to download/listen to/drink to/curse/welcome... Whatever you want, just be prepared for some twisted shit!

The song, In Search of Sane, is the first to feature all-suZanne-vocals and is quite the pointer of what's to come on the coming release (yet to be named); hard hitting, raw, uncompromising, untrue. Another clue might be "My generation is a shame of the first human being!" - Andreas from the nice little tune "Blindead".

Go to the Audio section to listen to the most recent work.

...stay tuned for more...


For half a decade Children of War has consisted of two individuals, Andreas and Nicklas. Now, the dynamic duo has transformed into a malicious three thanks to the arrival of suZanne. Those of you paying attention might recognise suZanne from previous Children of War-work "Something inside" and "Ode to Apathy". What started out as a nice cooperation on Menace of the cow ended up with suZanne now being a fulltime, fullblown, 100% member with her voice as her tool and vocals as her mission!

Elvis-freak suZanne has a musical and vocal background stretching back thirty something years (this time around) and brings heaps of both experience and know-how to Children of War. But hold on, was the band really looking for a female vocalist?! Well, "If you want a weak and tender soprano, I'm not your gal." was her first comment on the request to join full time. Ladies and gentlemen, rest asure that suZanne is anything but your everyday softie. Andreas says: "She's a witch with a disgusting, creepy fucking voice, I love it!"

Check out some more or less interesting facts about suZanne here.


We're hitting the studio again. This thursday it's time for a warm-up session with Andreas in the song booth. At this time we have a couple of songs ready for vocals and a fourth release is getting closer each night.

Stay tuned...


A really nice review got dumped in our laps! Once again it's mr. Federico Marongiu of the Argentinian webzine Music Extreme who has been kind enough to let us know what he thinks of the now year old Menace of the CoW. Check it out in the Reviews section.


Well, time sure flies when you're inches from insanity...

The progress of Children of War has not stranded though! A shit load of work is being conducted behind the scenes, so to speak. In a near future we'll be able to present a few new songs (i.e. "In search of Sane" and "Blindead"), a new member of the band(!) and possibly even some up to date photos...

Stay really fuckin' tuned!


In the midst of blazing summer heat, Belgium's own mr. Metal -06, Georges Laforet (Toxik Waltz radioshow, Pull the Chain zine), has found it in his heart to review Menace. Read his thoughts in the section dedicated to Reviews.

Also, some ideas for some new material is slowly but surely emerging. We're currently working on a couple of tunes at the same time, everything taking place on a brand new location in a totally different studio then ever before...

Stay tuned and you'll hear it first!


A swedish review is now up. Dear mr. Ajje from Metal Recensionen has scratched his frontallobes, twisted and turned Menace and finally come up with some well thought through opinions. Check it out in the Reviews section.


Another review has appeared on the web, this time it's mr. Antonis Maglaras, the Mighty Metal Greek, of Metal Invader who has shared his thoughts. Check out his qualified opinions in the section dedicated to Reviews on your left hand path.


Today is the national day of norway, happy birthday Ole!

On a more interesting note, Branimir Lokner of previously mentioned Barikada, has blessed us with a translation of his review on Menace. (Cheers on that, mate!) Anyway, you can now not only read it, but understand it as well!


The reception of Menace of the cow has been well over expectation. We've been promised some airtime on belgian radioshow Toxik Waltz. Also, mr. Lokner of serbian e-zine Barikada have been kind enough to reward us with a nice review wich you can read for yourself in the Reviews section. A word of advise though: It is only available in mr. Lokner's mothertounge so far, this means that we don't really understand any of it! So, if anyone out there recognise the words, please let us know, it would be kind of nice...

...more to come...


Releaseparty! Yesterday, on saturday the 8th, we launched Menace of the cow into the world of Children of War. We would like to thank each and everyone of you sick weirdos who showed up at the releaseparty and made this a night of passion, you guys rule! Check out the drunken part of the Gallery for some memories.


It has arrived! Menace of the cow has finally risen to its full capacity. Check out the audio section for some earcandy, watch the movietrailer for the demo here or visit the Gallery to get blinded.

Anyway, if you decide to order a copy, just drop us an e-mail and we will get in touch for details. The price is $1/€1/10 skr, however, if you want us to send it to the Phillipines with UPS we might have to move the pricetag up a bit...

Oh yeah, Andreas just went through some rather painful knee-surgery.


The movietrailer for Menace of the cow, our new demo, is up! Click here to get teased.


We're currently boosting the last few tunes on our new demo! This landmark in CoW-history will be entitled "Menace of the cow" and will hit your ears within the next few weeks. Menace is, by far, the most aggressive, technical, brutal, fucked up piece of work we've done som far. Yepp, old clichés, sad but true...

The demo will feature four track and, of course, some exclusive footage for all you weirdos out there, think of it as a gift from us to you.

As a result of this magnificent news, there's also a brand new link to your left entitled "Discography". This is necessary because we've done so many demos by now that it's getting hard to keep track of everyone. Anyway, check it out to learn more about nonsens such as tracklists and bullshit like that.

Oh yeah, the Gallery has been part(l)y updated as well.


The Gallery is now updated with some memorable moments from the last recording session.


After way too long, the general mix of H.A.A.T. is finally completed! This new tune features some guestvocals by mr. Incredible himself, Allex of Vilefuck. Huge cheers mate!

The only thing left for us too do now is post some sweets for your eyes as well from the recording. And the only thing you lads and lassies have to do is click here or go to the Audio department to have something to talk about the coming few weeks...


Once again, we´re hitting the studio! This time to complete the main parts of the vocals on the new track entitled H.A.A.T. On december 21st BBY-studios will yet again be the temporary lair of Children of War and, of course, as soon as we´re able to hear the result in our homes you will too right here on childrenofwar.biz. Stay tuned.


Well, the structure for a new song is completed. Drums and samples are ready for evil, the only things missing are guitars, bass, vocals, percussion... This new tune so far bares the workingtitle "Haat" and will surely knock all of us off our feet.

The Gallery has also been updated with a brand new wallpaper in the same spirit as Haat. Enjoy!


Two more reviews have been posted, one of wich is pretty enjoyable. If your swedish is up-to-date, please read Metalcentrals thoughts and comments. They pulled out their chainsaw and greased it up good... Click here or follow the link to your left to satisfy your needs.

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...


Partial updates in the Gallery, enjoy....


The studiowork is slowly but surely taking form. Some new material is on the way, and believe us; this will be the most gruesome aggression ever to come from us! It has a reek of pedophile-George Bush-KKK kind of hate oozing from it. Stay tuned...

Another great band has lured into the Links section as well, check out Hellmasker from there.


Yet another chapter has been added to the Gallery, this one is for you guys, the ones who speak CoW! Do you think you´ve got what it takes? Send us your pics doing something CoWardly and we´ll show them to the rest of the world!

At the moment we´re working our butt cheeks off trying to untangle some new tunes, we´ll sleep when we´re dead. Stay tuned...


Massive changes in the design! Why? - the last was just a tad too yellow...

The chaps and lassies at Music Extreme, the excellent webzine based in argentina, have reviewed La Nigiro. Read all about it in the brand new section marked "Reviews" on your left hand path.

Anyhow, lyrics are being born and riffs are getting hammered out. In short: Children of War can´t keep away from the studio! Stay tuned for more details.


Some more pics added to the drunken chapter of the Gallery.


The Biography section now contains a biography!


You can now enjoy a brand new song here on childrenofwar.biz, it´s entitled "Trust in vain" and is a sad(?) piece in history. In the Audio section you can listen to it in it´s whole impressive form or just take a sample of it, the lyrics for it is also there. A BIG thank you to Bea for helping out in the writing process of the lyrics!!! You really are a TRUE Beatch!

It has come to our attention that the mp3´s we´ve been posting don´t only have a crappy sound, they have a very sucking sound! We´re working on that matter...


We´re hitting the studio once again. This week we are booked at BBY-studios for some new material, yet to be named. Most instruments are already in place so the only things remaining are vocals, mixing and a few suicidal children...

As always: as soon as we can here the stuff in our stereos, you´ll also be able to.

Stay tuned!


A new song is on it´s way! This song is by far the most bouncy, insane, technical, porky and muscley we´ve ever written. So far it feels like some kind of thief... Stay tuned for more on that one.

This Binary Fortress is now available in about ten billion languages (or was it nine?) thanks to a quite silly tool found on AltaVista. It is a lot of fun reading stuff in corean though... For cheap amusement and time killing, check out the bottom of the first page.

Also, Andreas has left Vilefuck. They remain friendly and Andreas will help them out with some vocals in future gigs when necessary.

Do as the fuckfaces: grab a blanket and a bag of peoplebeer!


The Gallery now contains a new section/sextion... Not for the faint-hearted!


Our guestbook got fucked up for some reason. Don´t know if we´ve been hacked or if binarity has taken its toll...

Anyhow, a new guestbook is up and running, be sure to let us know your thoughts and diseases. You can reach it through the contact section.


The new songs are available in the Audio section along with the lyrics. These are crappy mp3´s so if you, like us, want bigger and better sound you´ll have to buy the cd itself.

We´re also proud to announce that Children of War have been placed on the Metal map of Europe! Check out the links section to take part of that magnificent webpage.


Happy Walpurghisnacht!

The demo has arrived, La Nigiro is finally born! Children of War are quite pleased to announce that the latest recording is now available for each and everyone. Order here or listen to some examples here.

La Nigiro contains three celebrations of Murder, Deppression and Love plus a six minute behind-the-scenes-video shot on location in the studio during the recording. Well worth the coin, ey?

However, we can pound our coffin´s bloody, we want to know what YOU think as well, the guestbook can be found here.

To pay some kind of homage to La Nigiro, the website has gone through some rather dramatic change. It´s more yellow than ever!




The videotrailer for the new recording is available through the audiosection, don´t miss that sick fucker!


Phew, really don´t know where to start...

We have a name for the demo, it´ll listen to the calling of "La Nigiro".

Next week, we´re going to at least start mixing the tunes, but already now you can order your copy here to the almost stupid price of €1/us$1/10 Skr plus p&p.

And oh, the Gallery is updated with some more or less interesting shit from the studio!


Well, our ears are bleeding!

We´ve spent the last four days and nights in the studio recording the new demo entitled La Nigiro. It is a three piece salutation to depression, love and murder! So far we´re very excited about the release of this demo, we feel quite proud and, honestly, a bit too stuck up for our own good as well...

In addition to the actual music, you will be able to watch an exclusive movieclip on the CD. It is a behind-the-scenes-the-making-of-La Nigiro-clip shot during the time of creation. The video features some really fucked up stuff, something for everyone out there!

Anyway, we have about a ton of work ahead of us so stay tuned, MASSIVE updating is coming your way!


We´ve booked the studio in a couple of weeks! During the days and nights the rest of the world celebrate that Jesus - son of Youssef got himself killed we´re going to document the next chapter in Children of War´s manifesto! How many actual disasters we´re going to get recorded is hard to say, but two-three-four or five is not unrealistic. Stay tuned for more details!

A few days ago, we went for a roadtrip to see the old chaps in Cradle of Filth supported by Moonspell somewhere outside of town. If everything had gone as planned, you would have been able to see this tragic event in the gallerysection. However, due to the magnificent era of binarity, you won´t.


Yes, it´s true! We´ve finally put up some lyrics for your eyes only! You can find them in the audio-section.

More and more links are coming up, be sure to check everybody out, some real kings and queens there...

And yes, dear cursed ones, it´s also true that we´ve finally got some more stickers with new design available. Want some? Drop us a line and we´ll provide...

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...


A few new links to friends and partners in crime have been added, check `em out!

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...


Our reality is a sad, pityful place, but then again, what else is new? In the words of mr. Hetfield: "Fuck it all, fuckin´ no regrets!"

Well, inspiration is a weird thing. After mounths of selfpity it struck at least 50% of CoW today with a force so fierce time and space imploded for a blink of eternity... So far, this soilshaking new material goes by the workingtitle "9 ways to grief". Keep your eyes and ears open for it!

Due to popular demand we´ve also opened the gates to our gallery, really old pics there... Click here or follow the link to your left to satisfy your needs.


We´ve stumbled across a very important piece of work. A creation called "The Unifier" has started to spred all around the internet and this is too big of a deal to be ignored. Please, follow this link or the one to the left marked "Important!" to take part of it (only available here in swedish and english). What you do with it is up to you, but don´t keep quiet about it, even if it doesn´t feel like it´s something for you at the moment somebody else out there just might get carried to another level through the text. The main thing is; Use your HEART in this matter!


Well, our first MAJOR binary problem is just a memory at the moment. The site was blocked for some time due to too much content(!?). However, this is as you can see taken care of so now we´re back on track!

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...


Children of War have finally released the Fury! This is the day of the launch of "Would you be my bride?". Have a couple of beers, sit back and let yourself get swept away. Check out the Audio page for the full version amongst other neat stuff.


Some nice colour added to the site due to the coming release of "Would you be my bride", a very yellow piece of work...

At the time we´re working hard to the point of cold sweats with some new material. As soon as we can listen to and accept it, you´ll also be able to right here in our very own binary fortress!


Some updates in the bio-sphere, nothing impressing, really.

Tomorrow we´re going into the studio once again to get the vocal tracks finished for a new song wich so far goes under the workingtitle "Crisp". This means that you will (hopefully) be able to hear it here by the end of the week. ...of course by now you know that this means within a mounth or two in CoW-time...

Also, Children of War-stickers are now available for your pleasure! (See left) Drop us a line with your name and address and we´ll send you a bunch FREE OF CHARGE! The only thing we ask in return is that you´ll use them to make your hometown/guitarcase/dog/car just a bit more beautiful...

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...


Biography is updated...

The whole fucking site is updated. Tons of beer has been downloaded and CoW is quite comfortable with the official release of this kingdome of Children of War.

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...



...starting to get this binary shit together! The guestbook is up, be sure to use it, dear cursed ones.

We finally found a date in a nearby future on wich we´re both free and when we´ll make this site the concrete fortress you (and it) diserves!

...some ideas for some new musical material as well, stay tuned...