«Menace of the Cow»


Do the words ‘progressive brutal death metal’ bring forth another groan and you go to the next review? Then Children of War are not your next big thing.

This two men act coming from Vasteras (Sweden) delivers strange (almost hypnotic) brutal death metal coupled with original (weird) keyboards lines. The groovy feel encountered on «Menace of the Cow» derives mainly from the vocals and guitar schemes. This kind of ‘grooviness’ is eventually quite similar to the ‘grooviness’ found in begin nineties European death metal releases. There are some nice keyboard lines, not really catchy or depressive (as often heard on many death dark metal releases) but effective and a unique style in this genre.

The four tracks of «Menace of the Cow» tell me that Children of War don’t want to follow the usual and conventional musical paths. The duo try to impose their own death metal rules and this demo already proves Children of War have a great song-writing potential. A surprising (in a positive way) demo. Try if you’re looking for something different.


Georges, Pull the Chain