Label: Independent

Year: 2006

Country: Sweden

Line Up:

Andreas Helsing - vocals

Nicklas Hovberg - instruments

Music by Children of War

Lyrics by Children of War


1- H.A.A.T.

2-Trust in Vain

3-Something inside

4- Ode to Apathy


We reviewed some time ago a previous release by this band and with this one you can see the evolution that Children of War had since then. This is pure aggression with powerful riffs and with elements of death metal and of bands like Children of Bodom. 

The band is really original and creates good arrangements on each tracks. The vocals are really aggressive with a growling voice that contrasts with a screaming one. There is a lot of orginality in tracks like  "Trust in Vain" with elements that are not common to the style. The tunes are memorable due to the arrangements and due to the repetition of some structures.

There is good use of guitars to create heavy riffs and also to do arrangements and short solos showing good technical skills through the four compositions. And that is also the case of the interesting  arrangements with keyboards (not too much but effective) .

We now want a full length album from this killer band.

Cover Artwork by  Children of War

Produced by Children of War