Demos : Children Of War - Menace Of The Cow

(Self Financed)
Total Time: 17:16

It is always a pleasure to receive a package from the mighty land of Sweden, where most of the well known bands of Europe come from. This band started back in 2001 and up to last year they had released two demo Cd's. "Menace of the Cow" is their third demo with which CHILDREN OF WAR introduce us to four new tracks and almost twenty minutes of pure death metal with a dark atmosphere.

In this band Andreas, is responsible for the lyrics and the vocals and Nicklas is the guy for the instruments. The thing that I adore in the stuff from CHILDREN OF WAR, is the fact that even if they are an extreme death metal band they don't go for total brutality alone but they have worked out the whole atmosphere and ambience in their demo pretty extensively. Beside the very good compositions the keyboards are sensational and add a lot. Definitely they need to work a lot harder but at least they have the abilities to do something really interesting in the metal scene.

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Reviewer: Antonis Maglaras

Rating: 3,5

Added: May 13th 2006